Hello.  Bonjour.  Konnichiwa.  Chur chur peoples.  My name is Freda.  My real name is actually spelt with a ‘I’ as in ‘Frieda’ but I ditched that shizzle after kids in primary days thought it was funny calling me ‘fried bread’ – a name that sticks with me to this day.  But I guess it could have been worse aye.  It could have been fried eggs.  Or something like that.

Not sure what this blog is about.  Hence the reason I’ve headlined it being a blog about ‘this and that and whatever else in between.’  I like to think this blog is two things.  1 – it is a venting outlet, because writing has always been the only way I can truly express myself without fear of saying the wrong thing, which is a skill I seem to have mastered at an astonishingly high level.  And 2 – it is a way for me to attempt to speak the TRUTH, something I feel very strongly about, on any given topic, and no matter what the go is.  Writing has always been my thing.  Since way back when I was a morbidly obese teen, locking myself away in my room just to write for hours on end.  Sure, the shit I use to write about then was less than ideal.  The musings of a depressed fat teen girl whom nobody loved, or so she thought.  I think I’ve evolved since then.  I’m not fat, nor depressed, nor am I at risk of topping myself anytime soon.  But I still need to write. I need it as much as I need my coffee first thing in the morning, or to feel my girl close to me at all times.  Need it as much as I need to breathe.

I’m just your average country bumpkin trying to make sense of this weird and wonderful thing called life.  Join me on this journey if you ain’t scared of delving into the deepest, darkest corners of life’s mysteries.  I like to think that’s my area, you know.  Uncovering.  Probing.  Looking at things not many people want to look at.  And bringing to light all that society and mankind and humans try their best to hide.

You’ve probably got the idea now.  This blog is gonna be like me – deeeeeeep.  As deep as the bottom of the bottomless blue sea.  Maybe a little crazy too, because that’s who I am, and that’s what I’m proud to be NOW – especially after years of suppressing my crazy, whacky, insanely morbid mind just to fit in with the rest of the world.  I’m not someone who nods along with everybody else, and agrees in unison just because a majority do.  I don’t conform – to the pack, to trends, to society, to nobody.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for rising above adversity and overcoming obstacles and thinking shiny thoughts and blah blah.  I just choose to deal with life in a more…realistic way.  As opposed to shoving a whole bunch of positive affirmations down your throat, I mean.  I’m all about facing the mirror and getting to the absolute core of shit.  I’m all about the real stuff.

Because I’m positive – absolutely positive – that thats the only way we’re gonna see change. Gotta be darkness if theres to be light.  But we all know this, don’t we?

Soooooo anyway WELCOME to my world.  Hope you enjoy my posts and what this blog has to offer, even though I’m not entirely sure what that something is.  To the insane, the broken, the outcasts, the weird, the misunderstood, the unloved, the ones that fall and cant seem to get back up, the ones who need a voice but cant speak, the ones OUSTED by society because they don’t fit the mould – YOU are  the ones I seek.  My kindred spirits.  Come out, come out wherever you are.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know you.

Love and light.


Freda P


8 thoughts on “about

    1. Thanks for following my blog Dennis 🙂 Ive been doing a bit of homeless work lately, and am wondering how you’ve managed to do it for so long. I need your inspiration as I tend to choke up a lot. I love reading your stories, and have been a follower of yours for years, Bless up!


    1. Thank you Jim. I have read your posts too, you sound like the state I was in many years ago. Praying that you eventually find peace and happiness, and beat this shit once and for all. Love and light xxx


    1. Thanks Erin 🙂 Writing is keeping me in check for sure. As for sane? Fuuuu who’d wanna be sane? Id rather be a tad on the wacky side ya know? Just a taaaaad lol :-p

      Hey I tried to comment on your post where you started with the letter C. I though that was brilliant girl. I should have done a letter a day too when I think about it.

      Have u disabled your comment section? Hope ya having a good day/night wherever in the world you may be 🙂


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