hate cannot drive out hate…only love can do that…

Friday the 13th. The day the City of Love became the City of Sorrow. Fear. Pain. And terror.

Its saddening, whats happening in the world today, isn’t it?  Hate is breeding more hate, left, right and centre. Senseless tragedies, atrocities, and meaningless killings the world over, every single day – and now this.

Reading through the hundreds of posts in my newsfeed, it appears the co-ordinated attacks in Paris to have been linked to none other than Islamic extremists.

When is this madness going to stop?  Who the hell do these people think they are, going around shooting and bombing in the name of ‘Allah.’ Causing meaningless death and destruction, and inspiring fear in the lives of normal, everyday citizens, who are just going about their daily lives.

It is pure mind-boggling, trying to figure out what makes these extremists tick. Why do these guys perform unfathomable acts like this? Why not just get together with the powers that be, and talk over coffee rather than going through all that meaningless trouble, time, expense, planning etc – just to be heard.

It is insanity, that these extremists believe they are acting for a great cause. At the end of the day, they are instilling more hate and fear in the world, and at an extremely high level. The devils work. That’s all there is to it. ALL. They are trying to spread a message, but the only message that’s coming through, loud and clear, is an ugly message of hate.

What a bunch of misguided, monstrous killers! They are no better off than a Government they proclaim to be the cause of all things wrong in this world. Sending off innocent men to fight and die in a pointless war is no different than sending off men, with strapped on vests, into an unaware town or city. It’s the same thing, same agenda. Absolutely no difference, no matter what ‘delusional’ beliefs they hold.

I try not to get my head caught up in the ruckus. But it’s hard when you realize that the number of people out there trying to PLAY God outweighs the number of people trying to PLEASE God, and by a large margin. Hate is escalating out of control. The world is being run with money and war as its number one priorities, and people are at the bottom of the list. That’s a fact.  And its mind-numbingly disturbing.

Sitting here, saying a silent prayer for those wasted lives of our Paris brothers and sisters. My heart hurts, along with the rest of the worlds, not just for what happened in Paris, but for the senseless tragedies that occur everywhere, everyday.


By the same token, it also makes me cherish everyday I get to spend with the people that I love. A conscience effort has to be made, to keep on keeping on.  To keep living and keep loving, because events like this prove, that the opportunity can disappear at any moment. The minute you let that fear enter your arena, is the minute these guys have won. It’s something I have to constantly tell myself, something we all have to keep telling ourselves.

Keep on keeping on. In love. And in peace.